Note 5 might come with an auto-eject S Pen stylus, new renders reveal


The case maker render machine is in full throttle on the topic of theGalaxy Note 5’s looks and dimensions, and we showed you what were probably the best 3D case renders of a Note 5 so far yesterday. Today, it is Ringke’s turn to out some svelte Note 5 renderings, based on the leaked dimensions, schematics, and whatever they could grab from internal sources, as these things usually go.

The Ringke cases are already up for preorder on Amazon, with even more gorgeous Note 5 renders than what we had yesterday, but they all show something very interesting regarding the stylus. There isn’t much speculation on the new S Pen functionality so far, save for the fact that Samsung just recently patented a way to edit and annotate PDF files directly on the display with it, dubbing the new feature Write on PDF.
What we notice from these renders, however, is that the S Pen is flush with the surface, and there seems to be no method to pull it out the way we used to on the Note franchise, unless you push it in, and it pops up automagically. This could be an indication that Samsung will make good on its patented auto-ejecting mechanism for the S Pen, which, coupled with the alleged metal-and-glass unibody of the Note 5, should add to the premium feeling of the phablet. Alternatively, these renders might be just wishful artwork, but where’s the clicky fun in that.
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