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Poll Recap: Summer Travel Plans

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Poll Recap: Summer Travel Plans


Summertime can be a busy part of the year for equestrians. Trail rides, horse shows, clinics—you name it, there’s usually something for everyone. Depending on where you are located, some travel might be involved. In last week’s poll, we asked our readers about the farthest distance they plan to travel with their horses this summer. More than 650 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 674 respondents, 167 (25%) said they plan to travel more than 200 miles from their barn with their horse, while 141 people (21%) said they plan to travel 50 or fewer miles. Another 110 individuals (16%) estimated that the furthest they would travel with their horse was 51 to 100 miles from their barn, and 87 respondents (13%) indicated they would travel 101 to 200 miles from their barn. The remaining 169 respondents (25%) said they do not plan to travel with their horse this summer.

Additionally, more than 25 people commented about their summer travel plans with their horse:

Some people commented their travel would be limited to local destinations:

  • “I just go to riding lessons. I’m also going to my young mare’s first show, which is very local.”
  • “We just go to local horse shows and trail rides.”
  • “I just to on nearby trail rides.”
  • “I ride locally, no more than 18 miles from my farm.”
  • “I’m mainly sticking close to home within 40 miles or less. I just have one trip planned that far away.”
  • “I will go to local trails”
  • “There are lots of great trails nearby so there’s no need to go far.”

Others said they would be traveling longer distances with their horse:

  • “One show we’re going to is 320 miles away.”
  • “We’re planning to travel out of state a few times for breed shows this summer.”
  • “I’m travelling around Ontario for safety measures.”
  • “I have about a 100-mile max, if trail riding and ACTHA count.”
  • “I will be moving my horse 400 miles to another state.”
  • “I’ll be traveling across Canada.”
  • “My best friend is 240 miles away. We trail ride every year and go horse camping.”
  • “We travel across Canada and some of the United States for our show schedule.”
  • “Most AQHA Ranch Sortings are not held in our state.”
  • “We will travel over 500 miles to a multi-day endurance ride in California.”

A couple of respondents said they do not plan to travel with their horse:

  • “We’re home-bodies. Events are held right where I board, so no travel is necessary.”
  • “I don’t travel at all if I can help it.”

And others left general comments:

  • “I’m lucky to have great event facilities very close to my horse’s barn.”
  • “When you live in a rural area, just traveling to a friend’s place can involve many miles.”
  • “I’m taking my horses on vacation. They could use one too!”



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