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Project Scheduling And Its Basics

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How To Schedule A Project And Work Accordingly…

Scheduling something simply means that making a timetable of a thing and do work accordingly. Likewise, Project scheduling is the timetable of your project. In this timetable, it is mentioned which part of the project is to be performed, when to be performed, whom to give the work and to whom give the leave. A project needs to be properly defined by its stakeholders, employees, and workers who are directly or indirectly related to the project because only then the project will run smoothly and on track. Often people confuse project schedule as planning but planning is way bigger than scheduling. Infect, scheduling is one of the steps in process of planning. Project scheduling basics include things like:

Defining basics: a projects foundation will be strong only when people will know the basic things about the project. So, it is a prerequisite for defining the basics to the people who are related to the project.  It includes the basic framework and also critical line too which can affect project later.

Scheduling the employees: Employees are the bloodline of any project and their functioning needs to be smooth, a project manager duty is to schedule them properly according to their work when to assign them to leave and when to call them on work it all should be conveyed properly. There should be a proper chart or a calendar defining their work timetable. That chart should be hanging on the notice board so that employees can see it easily.

Mark milestones or Important Activities: Milestones or important activities are the activities which affect a project and needs to be taken care. Marking milestone will help employees to keep a goal in their mind so that they can do work at full potential.

Determining the resource requirements: Determining resources is a step which defines which resources are to be allocated where? Resources are of different types like financial resources, team resources, and equipment resources. These resources should be selected before the inception of the project.

Estimation the activity dates: There is always a defined time or expected time to complete a task. A project manager should schedule the ending point of the task accordingly. He shall know the potential of his employees and the resources available and should calculate the estimated time to complete a task. If a task is taking a longer time than he estimated then he might behave estimated wrong so, he should be careful while making such estimation or deadlines of the task.

Monitoring the project: While a project is running according to a schedule it needs to be monitored timely to keep a control and where ever a difference or problem happen scheduling should be corrected and conveyed to the employees.  Monitoring is the major thing in project scheduling It is actually supervising the project work.

To learn all these there are different project management courses that a project manager can do like PMP (project management professional), PgMP (program management professional), CAPM (certified associate in project management), PfMP (portfolio management professional, PMI-PBA (PMI professional in business analysis), PMI-ACP (PMI agile certified practitioner) and PMI-RMP (PMI risk management professional).

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