It’s raining: Avoid these trekking destinations in Uttarakhand and Maharashtra


While making trips during the monsoon season, you need to be careful where you are heading and take the necessary precautions for certain areas.

On the other hand there are certain places which need to be completely avoided, as it may end up being a bad idea heading out if ultimately due to some weather conditions you end up getting stuck, ruining your holiday.

1) Don’t plan a trip to any of these 5 destinations in Uttarakhand this monsoon


Exits from Nainital in Uttarakhand are often blocked in the monsoon.

Uttarakhand is quite a tricky place to visit during this time of the year owing to overflowing rivers, waterfalls and landslides. You need to avoid certain hill stations and treks here.

While the state has not issued any advisory for visitors, nevertheless, the first-hand experience of some travellers is enough to highlight the problems one might face.


2) Monsoon trek over the weekend? Don’t go to these 15 dangerous sites in Maharashtra till September

After 55 students got stranded near a waterfall in Raigad recently, trekkers from across the city have come up with a list of 15 spots that are unsafe for vacationers, amateur trekkers and picnickers till September.

The group of 55, stuck at Devkund between two streams of the Kundalika river, was rescued after a six-hour operation.





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