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Rakhi: Distances Don’t Matter Anymore

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To celebrate the love of any kind is the most beautiful experience that we can cherish in today’s age. Love – the word in itself is a celebratory notion and we Indians believe in making the best out of such opportunities. We let ourselves go free, devoid of any inhibition and celebrate our rituals with flaunting exhibitions. Celebrations are a time for getting together, a time when all the family members gather together, words are exchanged and fun ensues, delicacies are prepared and devoured, deities are worshiped and everybody feasts together and prays for each other’s well-being. One of the most beautiful festival, that surpasses the realms of myths and celebrates the piousness of relations – is the festival of Rakhi – a celebratory occasion that is an ode to the love of a brother and sister.

Rakhi Shopping in India

Stroll along the road on the day of Rakhi and one shall come across nothing but isolation. The roads are empty and the environment is silent. The only places that harbor swarms of crowds are the sweet shops – for no Indian festival achieves utmost fulfillment without the inclusion of these mouth-watering delicacies, and the ‘Rakhi’ shops themselves that sell the very holy band that a sister knots around her brother’s wrist – an action that displays affection – in turn hoping for a ‘vow of protection’, love and as many presents her hands can accommodate. Hence all the families are inside their homely nest, celebrating this auspicious festival and chirps and laughter can easily be deciphered from nearly every house. Every home and its residents radiate of happiness during such an occasion.

But not always do everything blends into a perfect scenario. There are instances when life takes a toll and your brother has to leave for a distant country like the USA for better prospects regarding their career. During such times when ‘Rakhi’ arrives, the brothers are haunted by the gloom of not receiving a Rakhi from their sisters, while the sisters themselves are disappointed over the fact they can’t send a rakhi to their brother. Hence there is no alternative other than to celebrate the festival alone, with brothers buying a rakhi and getting it knotted around their wrist by a relative or a friend, whereas the sisters desperately wish they could’ve been with their brother and if not, then they could have at least sent a Rakhi to him even if he is in the USA. They wish if it was that simple.

As a matter of fact, it is that simple.

Rakhi with Sweets

A few leading online platforms in India have granted the loving sisters their wish of sending their brothers a rakhi even across distances that concern India and the USA. Now via these online platforms, a sister can send Rakhi to USA online! With the aide of websites that offer express delivery services, the sending of online Rakhi from USA to India is a task that can be accomplished in a jiffy. Not only this, the scenario gets better than ever. The beautiful rakhis that are showcased on such sites are accompanied by mouth-watering treats – sweets such as SoanPapdi and Rasgullas that shall end up making your brother feel nostalgic about his native land as well as treats such as Ferrero Rocher, Mars Bars et cetera shall be nothing less than delightful. These beautiful handcrafted rakhis vary in designs and are obtainable at an affordable price. Rakhis that are designed especially for kids are a necessary catch – one cannot find anything like them anyplace else.

Rakhi with Chocolates Online

So why wait, for there lingers no disappointment anymore. Sisters can now easily send rakhi to the USA online and cast a smile on the face of their brothers who is miles away. At such affordable prices, the delivery of online Rakhi to the USA is a treat, which cannot be missed, by those in need.

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