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Review of the Best Roof Top Tents for Aussie 4x4s

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Camping is among the favourite pastimes for many people in Australia today. This is why it is no longer too strange to see individuals or families sitting outside or inside a camp tent somewhere in the open. But then, as much as Australians like to camp in the open, many people are still scared of having reptiles and other crawling wildlife interrupt their fun adventure.

Thankfully, though, there is a solution to this problem. With roof top tents, you do not have to worry about crawling wildlife anymore when you go out to camp. Moreover, we will review some of the best roof top tents for your 4×4 in this article. Read on for more information.

Best Roof Tops for Aussie 4×4s

The Grand Tourer MKII

This particular roof top tent offers a roomy, comfortable, and easy to set up space for lovers of adventure who wish to sit out and have a good time in nature. It also comes with a lightweight aluminium cover and sturdy walls made of rip-stop fabric and watertight seals around its entrances and roof. Getting the tent for your 4×4 adventure is something you will not regret.

The Dacha Panorama 2

If what you are looking out for is a Darche roof top tent, then Panorama 2 is an excellent option to go for. This tent provides ample space for campers when spread out on top of your truck. However, it is merely 29 cm when the cover is on. This reduces the drag and makes it better suited for harsh terrain.

The Canyon Off-Road Rooftop Tent Series

It is no longer news that the Canyon Off-Road brand has made a name in the off-road camping industry. With several top-quality camping equipment and products in the market today, the brand has become one to reckon with in the industry. It offers a series of hard shell roof top tents to suit various off-road situations, especially in Australia. The best choice you might make today is to select from these comfortable and durable tent options for your 4×4 truck.

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