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Ruby on Rails Content Management Systems for Your Website

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Every web resource requires relevant content management software. That would be a number one decision to make while building a site – no matter, if you’re talking about e-commerce web resources or corporate websites.

But how NOT to get lost in such a diversity of multiple CMS?

We are about to provide to your attention the Greatest 5 Ruby on Rails CMS. After you check the pros and cons of those, you’ll find the one to meet your needs in the best possible way.

Well, are you ready to start our journey? We shall begin with Refinery CMS.

# Refinery CMS

Applying a modularized approach, Refinery CMS assists in inserting various content – say, pictures, video files, separate pages, and others – and in carrying out multiple other operations. Refinery is a free open-source system.

Mentioned RoR CMS service takes advantage of WYSIWYG editing tool to monitor website structure. Thus, it’s possible to adjust specific pages as users prefer.

Are you eager to check Ruby on Rails features that Refinery software is proud of? Here they are.


  • An extremely clear and easy approach of adding, configuring and extending the content;
  • Availability of comprehensive supporting documents, and access to contact service developing team through the IRC channel;
  • Continuous updating of the system;
  • Constantly updating the register of operation supporting instruments;
  • Credibility and efficiency of the system.

Software limitations

Refinery CMS has few downsides. Such a Ruby-based platform doesn’t include any instrument to plan or preview. When needed to modify the system, every file and document has to be redistributed. Furthermore, the tool for storing pictures isn’t practical enough.

Moving on…

# Camaleon CMS

Given RoR service was designed to express so much care to its future users. Its developers did their best to simplify as much as possible such aspects, as programming necessity, installation procedure and so on. Without wasting any time or efforts, site owners are good to immediately get down to completing their sources with diverse content.


  • Being a kind of WordPress clone, a platform in question is stuffed with great functionalities, still, it’s easy to apply;
  • The life of developing staff is considerably simplified with impressive plugin library, credible plugin protection together with accelerators of cache type;
  • The framework can be easily adjusted to various programming languages;
  • A theme library helps in customizing page designing as users want.

Software limitations

Speaking of given platform cons, the mentioned software is presented in English and Spanish only – obviously, it’s not enough. Availability of themes seems to be an advantage, however, library poor variety – offering 5 design solutions only – turns that advantage into a bottleneck.

And now it’s time to proceed with the next RoR content management software.

# Alchemy CMS

To enjoy given solution you require some developers skills and knowledge. In the meantime, given platform is proud of its strong Ruby-based functionalities to deal with the content in the most optimal way.


  • Answers to any possible questions could be found in very thorough documentation;
  • Such system assists in RoR project implementations due to its progressive functionalities;
  • As your company grows, impressive upscale solutions will help your online platform grow as well;
  • The website could be operated in both: a manager-access mode and an admin-access mode.

Software limitations

Alchemy biggest disadvantage is that you have to be a real developer to enjoy all its amazing and extraordinary features.

The next CMS we’re switching to is CMS. Don’t get confused! Let us explain you everything.

# Comfortable Mexican Sofa

Comfortable Mexican Sofa represents a credible framework with a pretty unusual name. In such a creative way developers emphasize how handy and the practical given system really is. Having a quite strong functional, mentioned CMS has captured popularity among the audience who choose high-quality software.


  • After any adjustments to page layout, all modifications are updated automatically;
  • Excellent flexibility capacity allows you to include CMS into your web resource by means of RoR technology;
  • Developers will definitely enjoy all CMS add-ons together with plug-ins;
  • Documentations are clear and comprehensive.

Software limitations

Speaking of Comfortable Mexican Sofa’s restraints, we should mention that configuration of some functions could be improved and extended, as well as file folders could be organized with better efficiency.

Lastly, we’re to take a closer look at Locomotive CMS.

# Locomotive CMS

Primarily, Locomotive CMS was built for developing blogs. However, it’s equally good to be applied for building CMS resources and RoR websites.

Given CMS offers two options: users can enjoy base functions completely for free; in order to take advantage of some more supplementary and advanced functionalities users shall pay. Providing various packages, Locomotive month charges could vary within $19-$199.


  • Data is easy to be customized

Locomotive CMS limits its users with no restrictions as to specific data structuring. Such a framework is designed in such a way to allow building records, and resource owners are free to create pages of various types;

  • A good User Experience is an important priority

During building and adjusting this software interface its developers paid a lot of attention to customers’ feedback taking into account their comments to make them enjoy the service even more;

  • Multi-language support is provided

Don’t you agree that a platform which is presented into several most widespread languages looks more advantageous? Locomotive CMS is surely one of those frameworks;

  • Convenient RoR instruments for developing purposes are offered

Creators of mentioned CMS have paid attention to details providing its users with great instruments which they’ll need to manage websites. Comprehensive documentation would be another Locomotive awesome plus. All of the mentioned above should simplify developers’ activities, thus, you’ll be able to save some money during the platform integration process. And, we’re sure, you’ll be happy due to such a fact.

Software limitations

And ever such great software has few weaknesses. Among them would be the absence of well-organized folders. It leads to a more difficult approach to coordinate assets. Sad to admit, but Locomotive software doesn’t provide any relational database. Besides, the configuration procedure – in a manual mode – is rather confusing and tangled. Nevertheless, in case you go for a paid version, you don’t have to worry about the last issue.

We do hope that our analysis of the greatest Ruby on Rails content management systems will help any site owner make the right choice to find their perfect framework.

We wish your e-business prosperity!

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