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Social Casino Gaming – Free for You, Profitable for Operators

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DoubleDown Casino, Big Fish Casino, Slotomania and GSN Casino are, month after month, present in the list of top 10 grossing games in the United States (on iPhone, as for Android there is no such list available). No wonder – mobile casino games are insanely popular today. All the apps mentioned above offer their players free games of chance to play on their mobile devices or desktop computers, without the need for them to make real money deposits. But still, their in-app purchases assure them top 10 revenues, which might not be as high as those for the top grossing game (currently Game of War – Fire Age for the iPhone and Clash of Clans for Android), but still generate tens, or hundreds of thousands of dollars each month.

Social casino gaming is most popular in the United States, where online gambling is otherwise not available. Americans want to play casino games on the internet, and these social casinos offer them a viable alternative. The games provide their players with a casino experience similar to the real thing, only with no real money involved – sort of. Because the revenues of these apps are not coming from the thin air.

Social casinos gain their revenues either from ads displayed while in game, or from the in-app purchases made by the players. DoubleDown Casino, for example, offers its players $1 million in casino credits (play money) for $1 – cheap, considering how much play time you can fit into this amount. But expensive compared to how much money you can win at a social casino. Exactly: nothing.

Mobile casinos are becoming more and more popular in regulated markets of Europe, thanks to the massive penetration of smartphones. Mobile casinos like AllSlots.com have tens, if not hundreds of mobile-ready casino games in place for them, built with the highest standards by professional game developers. Mobile casinos like AllSlots offer their players realistic, yet attractive bonuses in the form of free cash, free spins or real life prizes. And playing at AllSlots can actually fill the player’s pockets with real money winnings at the end of the day. The largest ever jackpot won at the AllSlots mobile casino was $5.7 million, won by a lucky Canadian player in April 2015.

I consider real money casino apps to be much fairer than social ones. For social casinos the players are actually cash cows, generating revenues for the operators only, while not giving anything but the games in return. Real money mobile casinos are much more straightforward – you play the game for real money from the start, and whatever you win goes into your pocket (or bank account) to use as you see fit.

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