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What happens to your old mobile phones?

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It has been said there are more mobile phones in existence than the population of the UK.  We all tend to upgrade to new models when our contracts expire or simply want the latest brand on the market, but what can we do with the thousands, if not millions, of old, broken and discarded handsets we all have stored away in cupboards and drawers not serving any purpose?

We are able to take that worry away from you. Any phone, regardless of age or brand can be recycled and provide you with cash in return.  Just register with us and we’ll advise you of the trade in cost of your phone.  We will despatch a freepost bag to you, so you can send us any unwanted handsets and within 48 hours of them arriving with us, you will receive your trade in cash.

Ever wondered what we can do with your old, broken or unwanted phones? They can be recycled, reused and disposed of safely.

Most Mobiles can be Refurbished and Reused

We will test your phone upon receipt to determine if components are in working order, can be repaired and even whether in fact the handset is not stolen or lost. Most phones we receive are able to be fully refurbished and used elsewhere. A good example of this would be in countries where advanced technology may not be readily available and therefore the phones we discard in the UK can be a vital necessity for people in these developing nations.

Broken Mobiles are Also Useful

The component parts of all phones can be recycled or reused. Even if we are unable to totally refurbish a phone for further use, we guarantee that any broken phone can be recycled in an efficient, resource saving manner.  Each mobile contains recyclable plastic together with elements such as gold, silver, platinum, copper and nickel.  These can all be recycled in different environmentally friendly ways, perhaps to produce jewellery or stainless steel items.

Mobile Recycling Helps the Environment

Every discarded mobile device contains harmful substances.  If they are carelessly disposed of there is a risk to both the environment in the form of contaminated soil or water or to human health. Research has shown exposure to certain elements such as lead, mercury or cadmium can result in severe damage to human health.  Therefore, recycling these devices through us guarantees the safety of the environment as well as our health and is an important reason for us to act responsibly. We need to stop and think about our actions and consider whether our unwanted mobile handsets could be used beneficially elsewhere.

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