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How to Start Having Better Conversations

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With the monotony if modern life, it’s easy to fall in a rut and just talk about the weather and the road conditions on the way to work.  However, if you feel like you’re bored talking to the people closest to you, it might be time to change the topics of discussion to something deeper.  Below are some of the ways to improve your conversations.

Use the FORD Technique

FORD is simply an acronym standing for Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams. it’s a handy technique to help you create fuller, more interesting conversations, no matter who you’re talking to. Keeping the FORD technique saved in the back of your mind will allow you to always have an arsenal of questions to help you revive even the most boring of conversations.

Keep Up with The News

Sometimes, your conversation partner won’t want to talk about themselves, and that’s okay. In these cases, asking personal questions about them and their life can start making the conversation a bit awkward. This is why it’s important to stay caught up with current events going on in the news. This will allow you to always have a few topical subjects ready to use at any time to start an easy conversation. It doesn’t have to be time consuming either, even a quick browse through a site such as consolidatetimes.com should give you plenty of information to help you create some quick and easy conversation starters.

Start Watching Popular Shows

There are a few shows out there that nearly everyone watches, such as Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Orange is the New Black just to name a few. Of course, this might vary depending on who’s in your social circle and where you live, but getting to grips with a few of the more popular shows in your social circles will provide you with an arsenal of topics to use at your disposal in case the conversation ever seems to be drying up.

Make Sure to Always Ask Questions

It’s important to make sure you are genuinely listening and processing the information your partner is telling you. Research has shown that a failure to listen to what your partner is saying to you is the #1 reason conversations tend to fail. Learning to listen and come up with relevant questions will help your conversations to become smoother and more natural, and help to warm your partner up to you.

Throw in a Compliment

It sounds too simple, but throwing in a casual compliment can make the world of difference in a conversation that’s not going in the direction you want it to. Make sure to be careful about when and how you compliment them however, as it can be all too easy to come across as fake or disingenuous.

Stay Mindful And Present

Finally, remaining present in the moment seems like a simple task, but it can become very difficult very quickly. If you are prone to any kind of social anxiety or worry, then you probably know the feeling of not being able to fully engage in a conversation because you’re worried about whether you’re saying the right thing or not, or if you’ve caused offense. A great way to combat this is to practice mindfulness meditation, which can help to provide you with a little clarity and peace as you start your day, and help you stay present in every activity you choose to do.

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