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Take a Back-up of Your Device with this Back-up Software

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These days, work is carried more on laptops and desktops instead of pen and paper. Using and maintaining physical files has reduced as people prefer to store all their important files and documents on their laptop or desktop. Since computer is a machine, a fault may crop up anytime which might result in loss of all your data. This does not mean that you should stop saving your important data on this machine. This simply suggests that you should maintain a backup of all your important files and other relevant data, so that whenever a problem comes, you can restore your data back from the backup.

What is Data Backup?

Data backup simply means maintaining a copy of all files and databases in some other system or storage unit so that data remains preserved in case of system failure. Backup of business computers is done routinely because if a single file is lost, it can create ahuge problem. Personal computer users often neglect taking a backup unless they face a situationwhere all their files get lost due to system failure. It does not really matter if you own a big business, small business or no business at all, take backup from time to time to ensure that all your data stays preserved.

What are the Different Types of Backup?

There are basically two types of backup which are listed below:

  • Local Backup:In this type of backup, some important files are copied to disk for safe keeping. In case, the hard disk of your system crashes and all your important files get lost, you can restore all your files from the disk and carry on with your work.
  • Online Backup:In this type of backup, files are not copied on local disk but on storage space over the internet. In case of hard disk failure, all your files can be downloaded from that storage space. The common form of online backup is cloud backup that involves sending a copy of all your important data over a public network to an off-site server.

Best Backup Software

If you are in search of bestbackup software, then you must try EaseUS Todo Backup Free. This is one of the most popular backup software that is compatible Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and above. It will back up your files to One Drive, Drop Box or Google Drive, whichever you choose. This software is free, reliable, very easy to install and use. The amazing backup and disaster recovery features of this  free backup software make it an excellent choice for home computers.


Other Products by EaseUS

EaseUS provides a Partition Master that can help you in transferring your clone windows 10 to SSD without having to reinstall your Windows as well as its applications. You just have to search for the right version of EaseUS partition master, install it and launch it on your system. Next, you have to select SSD on destination disk, delete all partitions present on it, resize the partition and then click on finish.

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