Tata Motors announces Ziptron technology to power its future electric vehicles

Tata Motors launched an indigenously developed technology for electric vehicles, called Ziptron. The company claims this technology or the platform it provides has been built with the Indian conditions in view and will offer a reliable powertrain for electric vehicles.

The highlight of the Ziptron announcement will definitely be the company’s claim that they would be able to offer a massive eight years warranty on the battery and the motor of the vehicles powered by Ziptron. This would be a path-breaking feature for automobiles since the existing vehicles running on fossil fuels and lead-acid batteries do not cross 4 years in terms of warranties, at best. Even that too would be with a lot of stipulations.

Tata Motors has welcomed the importance being assigned by the Indian government to electric mobility and wants to take advantage of the concessions announced by the government. The company may launch the first of its electric cars in the first quarter of 2020.

Speaking of Ziptron, Guenter Butschek, the CEO & MD of Tata Motors says when they talk of powertrain, it includes the engine, the transmission, driveshaft and the axles. All these component work in tandem to push the vehicle on its ride. The company says its electric vehicles to be built on the Ziptron platform will address the usual concerns Indian car buyers look for, safety, performance and durability.

The company has a dedicated team for Electric Mobility and Corporate Strategy and its President Shailesh Chandra claims they have tested the Ziptron powertrain across 1 million kilometers. It is on this basis perhaps that the 8-year warranty is being promised. It has also been mentioned that their vehicles will run for around 200kms on a single full charge. The battery casing will also be certified for dust and water proofing (IP67).


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