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Technology trends for 2020 that should excite you

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As every year passes, digital technology only becomes more and more exciting, the most skilful and intelligent it becomes. When looking at old mobile phones and computer prototypes, it’s hard to envisage that they were – at one point – very sophisticated technology!

Here, we go through a few examples of new emerging technologies expected to arrive 2020 and beyond that, you should be excited for.

Hyper Automation

Automation is ingrained in our modern life, many processes we encounter daily are automated, such as modes on our cars, and even supermarket checkouts!

In 2020 and beyond, we can only imagine how far this automation might go – even perhaps culminating in hyper-automation, where every aspect of our lives is automated for ultimate ease. But hyper-automation doesn’t just apply on a personal level, the more automated businesses become, the faster everything can happen; packages can arrive within the hour, services will be available 24 hours a day… the list of conveniences it will provide for us and for businesses is endless.

Hospital technology

The improvement of technology has bettered hospitals, healthcare and patient aftercare for years – and this can only improve in years to come. Automation of health records means that patients can now understand their care better, appointments can be booked faster, mistakes are less likely to happen, and even things like prosthetics have drastically improved in quality, availability and price due to healthcare technology.

Safety technology

Safety can be affected by technology in many ways. Safety can refer to both computer safety, and real-life, physical safety – both of which will be affected by new and emerging technologies in the future.

When it comes to internet safety, AI and facial recognition might get to a stage where your mind can be the password to your accounts – the ultimate in safety. Imagine your password and you’re into your account, no trying to cover your password or remembering your first pet’s name required.

New technology is also going to protect our physical safety in many aspects, including food safety. Previously, we might rely on the ‘best before’ label, or the taste or look of food to determine whether it was expired. New technology means we will no longer have to – protein-based packaging will rot at the same rate as the food inside, and a special label will turn to a different texture or color, meaning you know the state of your food’s freshness just by looking at the label.


Truly perhaps one of the most exciting developments of new emerging technologies is the availability and affordability of technology. As the internet and technology becomes smarter – and things like AI mean code will no longer require expert coders to create applications – technology becomes more democratized and available to the masses. The access to technology can be life-changing, and as technology advances, it also becomes cheaper and more available – meaning that the advancement of technology could really improve the lives of those that need it.

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