Top Tech Blogs that Pay You To Write

If you are a tech blogger and looking for ways to earn money for writing then this post is for you. In this post, I will list down the top tech blogs that pay quite well if you get selected to write for them.

Code Tuts+

  • 100$ for quick tips and 250$ for regular articles
  • Any topic related to web, mobile or backend development.
  • Quick and streamlined editorial process.


  • Up to 500$ per article
  • You need to share a 200–300 writing sample. Once you are approved, you will need to prepare a ToC on the subject you plan to write on.

Smashing Magazine

  • 200$ for first article and 250$ from 2nd article onwards
  • You can write on any topic related to web development.
  • In my experience, their editorial process is quite slow and it can take up 2–3 months for a single article.


  • 350$ for first tutorial, 400$ for 2–5 tutorials and 450$ for 5–10 tutorials and so on.
  • The tutorial can be be about any topic but should have a CircleCI or CI/CD angle to it.


  • Upto 500$ per article
  • The article should use 1–2 Twilio API
  • Check the form to confirm the programming languages for which they are currently accepting applications.


  • 100$ per article
  • Articles around functional testing. Shouldn’t necessarily use TestProject tools.
  • One of the smoothest editorial process.
  • Contact them directly if you are interested in writing for them.

CSS Tricks

  • Pays up to 250$ per article
  • Choose from a list of article ideas posted here.

Digital Ocean

  • Generally 300$ per article and up to 400$ for complex topics
  • Each quarter the program accepts articles on a specific sets of topics and once it has enough proposals it closes for the quarter.


  • Pays 80–100$ depending on the length of the article
  • Accepts articles on Java, Spring, Kotlin, Linux, Scala and general Computer Science
  • They have different levels defined and to have your name displayed along with the article, you need to be on Level 9 or above.


  • Pays 350$ per article
  • Technical articles on React, Redux, Node.js, Wasm, GraphQL, Rust, Flutter, etc.


  • Pays 500$ per article
  • You can write technical articles on any topic that you wish to write on.


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