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Travel in a clique & be sane: 4-point guide to organise a big, group trip

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How to successfully travel in a large clique and keep your sanity. Yes, it is possible.

The more the merrier doesn’t always hold true when you’re on a trip with a large group. Whether personal or professional, travelling with friends or colleagues can sometimes be demanding and your holiday will leave you feeling anything but refreshed. But, if you keep these tips in mind, you will have a good time.


Look before you leap
The first thing you need to do is research. And a lot of it. Find out all about the place you are visiting and whether it has activities that large groups can enjoy together. Check out what you can plan or book in advance for a large group and share your findings so that everyone is on the same page. Vote on one or two things that the majority wants to do prior to the trip so that deciding on what to do doesn’t take up too much of your precious time on vacation. Planning a rough itinerary is a great way to get the group involved and excited about an upcoming holiday.


Easy does it While you should have a plan, apart from the group activities that everyone should participate in, keep the rest of the agenda flexible. When travelling in a large group, there’s always more room for error, so don’t expect the schedule to be set in stone.


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You need to learn to play it by ear and don’t get agitated when things do not go as plan — and everything will not. Also, remember that emotions can get heated but don’t lose your cool — you’re meant to be on holiday.


Down size
Everybody’s idea of fun is different, so not everyone is going to be enthusiastic to check out another museum or visit the best brewery. So, find like-minded people within your large group and branch off to do your own thing in a smaller group. Dragging people who don’t want to participate will not be fun for anyone, so learn to let go and let them choose what they want to do.

Set time apart 
Just because you’re going on a group holiday doesn’t me a n t h at you don’t need time to yourself. After all, a holiday is about relaxing too. So, set some time out every day where you can enjoy a little alone time. Spend the mornings walking around by yourself and the evenings with your pals. This offers you the best of both worlds and keeps irritation at bay. If you can’t take the time off, simply carry your headphones or a book that you can sneak off and enjoy when you want me time.

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