Travelling on a budget? These Indian destinations can give you an international experience

Much like Scotland, Shillong has surging meadows, rivers and widespread grasslands.

International tours make for great memories, but they also come with a heavy expense. Here are some places to visit within India that will give you an international vacation experience without burning a hole in your pocket:

* Shillong—The Scotland of the East: With its surging meadows, rivers and lush widespread grasslands, Shillong and its surroundings can be compared to Scotland.

Waterways are the means of transportation in Alleppey. (Shutterstock)

* Pondicherry—The French Town: Pondicherry retains its Dutch and French architecture from colonial times. It is interesting to note the smooth transition of Tamilian houses to French villas.

* Malana— India’s Little Greece: Locals believe that they are the descendants of Greek soldiers of Alexander’s army. The only similarity Malanese people share with Greeks is that they both have a lower-house and upper-house system. Nevertheless, the terrain can surely be compared to a mini-Greece in India.

* Alleppey— Indian Venice: With waterways being the means of transport between houses and people, you don’t have to book expensive tickets to Venice to explore the city built on water.

* Rann of Kutch: Mini Bonneville Salt Flats: You can create your own land speed records in this vast expanse of stunning nothingness. One of the most beautiful sights here is experienced during night time, under the vast expanse of the star-studded sky.

The Chitrakoot Falls are India’s answer to Niagara Falls. (Shutterstock)

Chitrakoot Falls—The Niagara Falls of India: Getting to Niagara Falls could be one of the most expensive trips you could plan. The Chitrakoot Falls are India’s answer to Niagara and is a must visit location in India.



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