WATCH: Mark Murphy On How Travel Insurance Will Save You From Winter’s Wrath

WATCH: Mark Murphy On How Travel Insurance Will Save You From Winter's Wrath

The East Coast got their first real taste of winter last week thanks to Winter Storm Jonas. The blizzard and wind storm caused major travel delays that rippled across the country and was still backing up flights four days after the storm hit.

Many travelers felt helpless as they were stranded at airports and many cruisegoers missed their cruises because their flights to catch the boat were cancelled.

So what can you do when winter weather hits us hard? There’s a solution that many travelers have shunned in the past: travel insurance.

You see it when you’re booking flights. “For just $20 more, you can be protected against our screw-ups.” After enduring endless taxes en route to paying for a fare, travelers are often reluctant to make the call to insure themselves.

We have seen first hand how travel insurance can truly be a savior, as Caribbean and Latin America senior writer Brian Major was saved by making the travel insurance purchase he rarely had before.

TravelPulse founder and CEO Mark Murphy joined CBS News Live to discuss the benefits of travel insurance and how a simple call ahead of travel can save thousands in your wallet and hours of headaches when trips go miserably wrong.

So, after a 2014-15 winter that was relentless in hitting us with snow, we just endured the first major wallop of this season. It has many of you wanting to get away. We hear you.

Murphy joined FOX29 Philadelphia to discuss great deals from JetBlue and some warmer getaways like all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and incredible deals in Europe that are being offered right now.


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