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10 Tech Blogs You SHould Be Following To Benefit Your business

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Keeping track of the best and latest technology for your small business can be hard when life moves so rapidly.Keep up with the latest technology to help your business grow

But staying on top of the tech game is important for your company. Crucial even. Especially if you’re a small or start-up sized company. Having an info lead in the tech industry can really keep your company ahead of competitors.

Plus, technology is pretty cool.

So don’t let the magnitude of the tech world scare you off.

Here are 10 of the best blogs to follow for all your IT needs. They’ll keep you up-to-date and aware of all the latest technology trends and information that your company could benefit from.
  1. Fast Company

This is a great place to follow the top business and technology movements. Fast Company’s writers are dedicated to scouting and tracking evolving companies and business leaders. Their articles give you real, success-proven tips.

  1. Tech Crunch

Founded in 2005, Tech Crunch focuses on reporting the latest tech news and reviewing internet products. As “a leading statistical resource,” Tech Crunch provides open and accurate information on startups and investors.

  1. Mashable

Mashable gives you all the freshest news on tech trends divided into three categories: “What’s New,” What’s Rising,” “What’s Hot.” The user-friendly interface makes the site a hub for easy and enjoyable reading.

  1. Digital Trends

Simple to follow, Digital Trends is an awesome guide for understanding how technology affects your everyday life. Digital Trends teaches you how to make the most of the high-quality technology around you.

  1. The Verge

Founded in 2011, The Verge explores how the latest technology changes life for both the average user and larger business consumer. If you want to know what’s really going on in the tech world, here’s where you’ll find out. Their business and tech news columns are a great source for staying in the loop.

  1. Gizmodo

With a wide variety of topics, Gizmodo can feel a bit more scattered than some of the other tech blogs. However, once you come across one of their tech articles, it is sure to entertain and inform. Gizmodo’s posts are fun and original, and real, great pick-me-ups in the morning.

  1. Gotta Be Mobile

As the name suggests, Gotta Be Mobile mainly focuses on mobile phone content. Their posts can be a bit infrequent, but their articles keep you in the loop on all the latest IPhone and Android news. Be sure to check out their “How to” articles for helpful phone tips and tricks.

  1. Cloud Tweaks

Cloud Tweaks specializes in all things cloud computing. A “Digital consulting service” since 2009, Cloud Tweaks articles provide reliable advice on how to efficiently manage your cloud content. And their comics are sure to give you a good laugh.

  1. The State of Security

TripWire’s, The State of Security, is an award-winning blog, nominated “Best Corporate Blog” and “Most Entertaining Security Blog.” The State of Security works hard to bring you the newest technology security reports with clear and illuminating posts.

  1. Scott’s Weblog

Scott’s articles are a great source for anyone a bit more technologically advanced. Skipping over simple definitions, Scott jumps straight into the crux of the technology world. His ‘live’ blogs on tech seminars and events are a fantastic way to easily feel a part of the tech world, and get some fun tech news.

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