The adventures of Suki: This Bengal cat probably travels more than you

Suki the Bengal cat is winning hearts the world over, one Instagram post at a time.

Suki’s vivid coat, which resembles that of a leopard’s, reflects the illustrious adventures that the Bengal cat has been on.

From a canoe ride to a hike through a mushroom-filled forest, Suki is busy exploring the world with her human, Canada-based travel photographer Marti Gutfreund.


Gutfreund explained in an email to DesignTAXI that Suki entered her life after her last feline passed away.

“My partner and I do a lot of hiking and camping together. [After] our last kitty passed away…we really wanted to have a pet that we didn’t always have to leave behind on weekends when we go on our trips,” says the photographer.

That’s when she researched about Bengal cats and how they are high on energy.

For a cat, Suki is quite fearless: Boldly perching on top of the mountainous terrain or dipping her paws into lakes and streams, besides simply soaking in a scenic wilderness landscape.


“When we are not on road trips, Suki needs to go on daily walks,” Gutfreund is quoted as saying by DesignTAXI. “Otherwise she is way too high in energy and tends to play rough.”

Suki’s eyes are a subject of much praise and adoration for her 216,000 followers on Instagram.


“The colour is edited!” admitted Gutfreund in a post.

“I really enjoy playing around with the photographs to create a little magic, but if you’d like to see her normal eye colour it is visible in the many videos I have posted,” she added.





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