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The Very Best Things to Take on a Picnic Apart from Food

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Heading out to the countryside for a picnic is one of the absolute best things that you can do to make the most out of your leisure time.

Of course, taking away the right sort of food is vital whenever you decide to do this. However, what else should you be looking to take in the car with you whenever you go for a picnic?

A Good Book

Is there a better time to sit down or lie back with a good book than when you are relaxing on a picnic? If you never seem to have time for reading then this is a perfect opportunity to do so on your own terms.

By doing this you can ensure that going out for a picnic in a scenic spot is about more than just eating. You can spend hours out there reading if you want to, which is a wonderful way of getting more pleasure out of your favourite books.

Even if you don’t particularly want to read a big book, you could take away some magazines or something else light to skim through. Once you have sampled the joys of lying back and reading under an open sky after a picnic then you are going to want to do it more often.

Some Music

Taking away some music is also a smart move when you are planning a special picnic. This will add a lot of atmosphere to the occasion and put you in a good mood effortlessly.

If there are some songs or artists you have been meaning to listen to then this is a fine time to do so. You might not always have the time to listen to new music but there is no reason to let this opportunity to pass you by.

If you are organizing  picnic with your family or a group of friends then this is a chance to share some songs that you love and find out what the others are listening to right now.

You could use just a phone with good Bluetooth speakers to do this or perhaps you will be tempted to take away a portable sound system for more power and flexibility. Just be sure that you don’t put the volume at a level that annoys people who live nearby or who are enjoying their own picnic there.

A Ball or Games

A picnic trip is also one of the best ways of getting the kids in your family out to enjoy some fresh air and exercise. Ideally, you will also manage to get some healthy food and fresh ingredients onto the menu at the same time.

After the food is all eaten, this is a great chance to play some games together. As well as being a useful bout of exercise, this is also something that will allow you to bond as a family and have some laughs.

Doing this could be as simple as taking away a ball or a frisbee. With just this one object the whole family can have hours of fun in the fresh air.

A good idea when doing this is to use car boot liners to keep the inside of the car clean and tidy. This is especially important if you are going to be playing in a muddy field and don’t want to be too worried about the start that everyone gets into.

Your Family Dog

Could the addition of your family pet help to make a picnic even more memorable? This fellow will certainly love getting invited to join you out in the open.

One thing to remember is that he will enjoy it more if he has some food or toys of his own to play with here. The simple fact of being out on a picnic is going to make him happy but thinking of him in this way will make him enjoy it even more.

If the kids are joining you then the presence of the dog is going to please them too. There should be no worries about anyone getting bored or restless when there is great company to be enjoyed.

As with the games idea from earlier, keeping the inside of the vehicle clean is something you will want to plan for in advance. In this case, there are Volvo boot liners you can use, as well as models for other types of car.

Make any picnic into a very special occasion by talking way more than just the food. Making the right decisions in this respect will give you a day out to remember.

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