Bitcoin Races Towards $11,000. Five Things To Know

Bitcoin Races Towards $11,000. Five Things To Know

Bitcoin rises to $10,920 on BitStamp

Just as bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano also fall
On January 3, the average closing price of bitcoins was $15,201
Bitcoin’s market cap is $180 billion on Wednesday
The bitcoin prices on Wednesday rose marginally to $10,920 on Wednesday in run up to $11,000. The cryptocurrency prices have been, by and large, on a downswing for past few days. After hitting past $19,000 on December 17, the prices have been falling gradually. The year started with a price range of bitcoin prices of around $14,000, but the downward spiral has thus continued and has pushed the prices below $10,000 on more than one occasion in the recent past.
Even in India, bitcoin prices have declined lately. On Coinsecure, a bitcoin can be bought for Rs. 7,78,000, while the selling price is Rs. 7,75,000. On Unocoin, the buy and sell price are Rs. 8.22 lakh and Rs. 7.23 lakh.

Five Things To Know About Bitcoin Prices

1. At 3.03 pm, bitcoin prices trade around $10,920. The cryptocurrency prices stay in the close range. The 24-hour high was $10,950 and the 24-hour low was $10,488 on BitStamp.

2. On CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin’s market cap is $184 billion, while a day before the market cap was $184 billion. On January 20, the bitcoin market cap had hit $196 billion when the bitcoin price was $13,103.
3. On January 3, the average closing price of bitcoins was $15,201, (45% more than today’s lowest price of $10,488 on BitStamp). This shows a massive fall in past three weeks.

4. Other cryptocurrencies also trade lower. Ethereum falls 0.71% to trade at $973. Cardano falls 1.71%, litecoin declines by 0.10% and tron falls by 1.39%.

5. Ripple is the only popular cryptocurrency that is rising. On Wednesday, the digital currency trades at $1.32, higher by 2%, as per the average data of most cryptocurrency markets.


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