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How to Bulk Up Your Business Portfolio for Future Clients

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If you’ve noticed a lag in prospective customers to your business, perhaps you need a portfolio boost. Clients want to feel connected to the business that offers them their services and products. They want to feel like they are making the right decision by choosing your business to help them with whatever they need. And, without a doubt, these clients are going to peruse your portfolio to make sure your work is up to their standards. Therefore, to get new, interested clients, you should bulk up your portfolio a bit with new, interesting content.

Add Relevant Samples of Projects that Made an Impact

Do you remember the one client that made your business the success it is? Or, do you have a favorite project that perfectly, expertly conveyed your experience, expertise, and dedication? Showcase that kind of work in your portfolio. Those kinds of projects are relevant samples that have made an impact in the lives of you and your clients. They deserve to be shown, and your clients will get to make their decisions based on your best works.

Avoid Using Decades-Old Work

Do you have portfolio projects that are 10, or even 20, years old? Chuck those. You can keep them as references in a file cabinet somewhere, but these projects should be exiled from your portfolio. You have grown and flourished in hundreds of creative and business ways since then. So, strive to ditch decades-old work for fresher, more impactful projects that show your best, modern sides.

Ask Past Clients to Write Up Recommendations, Reviews, or Case Studies

If you can remember the projects and past clients that made the biggest differences to your business, ask them to write recommendation, case studies, and reviews for your portfolio. Collect and organize their words, then pin those letters to the projects that correspond with that client.

Do Some Pro-Bono Work to Add Projects That Matter to Your Portfolio

Sometimes, it’s necessary to do work for free to bulk up your portfolio. You can make a deal with your client. You give them a single project, and they provide you with a glowing recommendation for your portfolio. Pour your heart, expertise, and passion into these projects, then showcase them with pride to prospective clients in the future. Example? If custom fabrication services are your forte, find someone that needs pro-bono metal workings for their business.

Business is like a car. It needs to be well-maintained and upkept to run smoothly through the years. Therefore, when you need a new angle to draw in a bigger client base, you should consider bulk up the contents of your portfolio to interest and engage future clients.

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