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Don’t use your index finger! Or tap people’s heads. 7 things you must not do in Bali

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The very thought of Bali conjures images of beaches and surfing, and the Balinese people are very warm and generous people. This is one of the reasons it is one of the top holiday destinations for people around the world. It is part of the Coral Triangle, which has the largest biodiversity of marine species.

The average temperature in Bali is about 30 degrees Celsius and the humidity level is about 85%. Bali’s real estate industry has seen an upward spurt mainly in the tourist areas of Kuta, Legian and Oberoi.

Bali can be an excellent idea for a holiday, but you should know certain things about it to get the most out of your experience:

1. If caught taking drugs in Bali, you can be executed. In 2015, the Bali Nine, a bunch of nine Australians convicted in 2005 for smuggling drugs, were executed. Drug peddling is considered a very serious crime.

2. The head is considered holy, so do not tap Balinese people on the head. They believe that it is the most revered part of the body. Even playfully touching a child’s head could be taken to be rude behaviour.

Balinese people attending the Meprani Ceremony at a temple in Batur. (Shutterstock)

3. Make sure you are appropriately covered when going to any Hindu temples in Bali. Also, when inside the temple, do not point your feet towards any of the holy objects, since that is considered disrespectful.

4. Always take off your shoes when visiting someone’s house. In fact, even when visiting most of the local cafes and business areas you should do the same as it would be considered impolite if you have your shoes on. There shall always be a place just at the entrance where everyone shall be removing their footwear and that is where you can keep your shoes.

5. Preferably do not give things, like money, using your left hand, as it is considered improper. The reason being that it is assumed that we use our left hand for cleaning purposes in the bathroom, which is why it is considered unclean.

Tirta Gangga, the former royal water palace is a maze of pools and fountains surrounded by a lush garden and stone carvings and statues near Karangasem, Bali. (Shutterstock)

6. Don’t point at people using your index finger as it is considered rude. If you do have to point at something, use your whole hand or the thumb of your right hand.

7. Be careful of the water you drink since it might not suit your system. It is advisable to drink bottled water.





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