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Educational disparity in the playground

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I saw the “privileged few” on Monday. Picture the scene: a beautiful sunny day in a village, near Northampton, all the primary school children ran the Race for Life for Cancer Research. Having only a small playground, they were allowed to run on the extensive playing fields of the private school opposite, while their children played cricket and rounders. I am afraid that my afternoon was somewhat spoilt by the contrast. No losing of valuable teachers and school lunches for them! Well done, everyone.
Marilyn Turner
Crewe, Cheshire

In 1937 Worthing accepted about 60 Basque refugees from the Spanish civil war (Letters, 23 May). A number of local businesses, such as bakeries and dairies, provided support as public money could not be used. In commemoration there is a blue plaque on the front of Beach House, and a beautiful coloured glass window on Worthing pier designed by local artist Siobhan Jones.
Geraldine Blake
Worthing, West Sussex

So dubbing Pippa Middleton’s nuptials as “the wedding of the rear” is witty, is it? (Editorial, 22 May). Probably about as witty as the May/Sturgeon best pins competition.
Gwenneth Howes

Here we go again with warnings about cooking meat “properly”, ie until it’s just burnt fibre (Pass notes, 23 May). The French consume vast quantities of raw beef tartare and the Germans relish raw pork mince. They’re not dropping dead in the streets. Every nation has its phobias: the French “know” that you shouldn’t reheat mushrooms, the Germans that frozen spinach of any shade other than fluorescent green is mortally dangerous. But the Brits alone still tend to overcook absolutely everything.
Brian Smith
Berlin, Germany

The Guardian might begin to worry about the age profile of its readers, who are so concerned about the naming of grandparents (Letters, passim). It doesn’t indicate a youthful readership, does it?

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