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How Does Vaping Work?

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Vaping has become a huge craze since it first took off a few years ago. It is now a multi-million-dollar industry that has changed the way people think about smoking. Although there has been a lot of research into the effects of vaping, many are still unsure about its long-term use.

The process of vaping is a lot different from smoking, with some feeling that vaping is preferable because you can choose nicotine and non-nicotine liquids. Here is a look at what vaping is.

The e-cigarette

The e-cigarette comes in many shapes and sizes with some looking like a pen, and others lookinglike a lighter. Despite all the differences in looks, all e-cigarettes have essentially the same components.

They all contain a rechargeable lithium battery that comes in different capacities depending on the make and model. They are usually charged using a USB cable and can be fully charged relatively quickly.

The cartridge is what contains the liquid that you inhale. The liquid contains many ingredients that are not always listed. However, some contain nicotine, and some have flavouring.

There is also an atomizer which is in effect a heating coil and a sensor that regulates the vape when you use it.

How Does It Work

The process is quite simple; theatomizer heats the liquid which is often called e-juice. When the liquid reached boiling point, it vaporizes, and that is what you inhale/exhale.

In essence, it uses the same principle as a smoke machine that is used at parties. Some of the e-cigarettes have tobe refilled by hand, but there are now ones that have the atomizer and the liquid combined so you can throw the old one away.

The Liquids

The liquid that is used in the e-cigarettes is a mixture of chemicals that can contain many types of flavorings. There are quite a few of them on the market now with many different flavors.

Some people are even making their e-juice with kits that can be bought. Because there was no regulation on the juices, not all manufacturers listed all of the ingredients on the bottles. People found that by making their own, they were able to monitor what chemicals they were using.

Vape Mods

Vape Mods are the machines that are used to heat the juice in the same way that e-cigarettes do. Mods are a little different,however, because they are not designed to look like cigarettes.

Much like any other technology, there are magazines and websites that review and rate the mods, and they are in such categories as the best vape mods 2017.

You can also get coils of varying power so that you can produce more vapor. Some mods can be modified to use different voltages of the coil.

Vaping has become a big issue with many countries considering if a ban such as that of cigarettes is needed. There are certainly many people who have adopted this form of smoking, including some who have never smoked before.

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