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How to write a car review

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How to Write a Car Review (with Pictures) - wikiHow

So, back to my first blog! And what kind of review site would this be, if my first blog was about anything other than “how to write a car review”. Since we launched back in March I have been asked this question over and over. Many people have shied away from reviewing their past or current cars  because they: 

1. Don’t have enough time 

2. Don’t know where to start

3. Don’t know what to write

Don’t get me wrong, these are all great reasons to not write a review, but at the same time I think I might have the solution, with my simple guide to writing a car review on our site, or I guess any other…

Are you ready? Lets get into it!!

1. Choose a type of review

Believe it or not, this is where many people get stuck! What type of review do I actually want to write?! On most review sites this is pretty open, because they want to encourage people to just write a general review. We are slightly different because we want to guide our users on what types of information people may want to read about. So you first need to think about whether this is a car you drive to work everyday, a car you have test driven, just purchased, had for a while, tuned or customised, even whether it was just a track day drive. All interesting topics for different types of audiences.


2. Decide what you want to tell people

Next up… what do you actually want to tell someone about the car you have driven?  This is where you can be a far left side (logical and fact based) of your brain as you can right (creative and emotional)! If you are sharing a review about your every-day drive, which you happen to feel is also a great family car, then you might stick to a very factual based review, with something like “good leg space, spacious all around, enough space for 2 car seats, easy to park, memory pack is  a must, etc, loads of technology..” Whereas, if you did a track day a few weeks back, and want to share how awesome the Nissan GTR is, then have some fun with it!!

3. Score your car

Second to last, is thinking about how you would like to score your car. We have included a number of specific ratings to guide you. We encourage you to be as open and honest about your score, as this will really help others who might be looking at the same car. Comments are always good to back up your scores, so people know the specifics of your feelings about the car, whether good or bad. 

4. Make a recommendation

Finally, its time to tell your users what your recommendation is! Would you say that they should go ahead and get one as soon as possible. Or run out find every one of those cars they physically can, and leave a note for the owners. This is important, as, although everyone will make their own choices, its always useful to know what owners/drivers think. 

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