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Marriage Counselling for the Married Couple in Distress

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Ever since the beginning of history, the institution that has been accepted as the cornerstone of social behavior is the oldest institution in the world, marriage. For men and women as individuals, it is seen as the inception of a new journey together. But what about the times when problems creep into the marriage, then where do the couples go to get help?

For married couples, the concerns that seek daily attention and action are many. Home and shelter, money and food, family and children – these are the subjects that need to considered and attended to regularly. It is when conflicts occur in maintaining or solving these daily affairs that it gives rise to friction between the couple. Even tiny matters that are left unresolved might simmer and give way to cat-fights, quarrels and arguments that may even result in physical harm.This is exactly why marriage counselling is deemed an important part of resolving conflicts within the marriage and getting the couple back together to restore the union and sustain the relationship in a harmonious manner.

By and large the difficulty that people generally face with marriage counseling is that married couples are less receptive to it than they should be. The reason for it is that the spouse never sees himself or herself to be at fault. Therefore, this in turn leads to complications, conflicts and might even result in divorce, which then creates a huge problem regarding division and sharing of the couple’s property and even their children. So even when people notice a very simple problem within a marriage, they should get together to talk about it aim at solving the situation together.

However, there are certain situations that provide the circumstances for a couple to fall out of love with each other. Complications concerning adultery, infidelity, drug abuse, drinking problems etc. present very tough scenarios where it becomes absolutely necessary to seek the help of a marriage counselor as a part of the multi-disciplinary treatment team that helps married couples. Therefore, when one comes across a trouble that they think requires the help of a marriage counselor, it is wise not to delay availing the services. As many couples have previously found this to be a helpful method, there is a good chance that even you will get back on track with your spouse to a harmonious marriage.

Also known as couples therapy, marriage counselling is a sort of psychotherapy. In order to resolve the conflicts within a marriage, it is first necessary to recognize them and that is what marriage counselling helps you to achieve. This counselling allows you to make a thoughtful decision by providing the option of either rebuilding your relationship or choosing to go your separate ways. Often the people who provide marriage counselling are licensed therapists and are called marriage and family therapists. Though these therapists have degrees of graduation or post-graduation, many opt to become credentialed by the AAMFT. Marriage counselling, however, does not have to be a sign of weakness, as it can also be a sign of strength, courage and willingness to change the situation by working on the relationship. The key to a successful marriage is trusting one another and having faith on each other. No matter what problems the couple faces, it is always up to the couple how they want to deal with the situation.

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