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Reasons to Stay in the UK for Your Holiday This Year

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There are plenty of wonderful travel destinations globally that offer visitors an exciting experience. From the Far East to beautiful Latin America, anyone who travels around the world can see diverse and interesting cultures, historical landmarks or simply relax on a sunny beach.

However, a lot can also be said for spending your holiday where you live, especially if you live in the UK. With the Peak District, Snowdonia and National Parks, there is a lot to see and do in the United Kingdom. Even if you enjoy spending time at the beach, you can visit Cornwell and other areas that receive some of the brightest sunshine and have the hottest days in the UK.

Keeping this in mind, there are several reasons why Brits should consider staying close to home for holiday this year and enjoy inclusive holidays instead of travelling abroad.

It is Cheaper

One of the most compelling reasons to stay in the UK for break is because it is less expensive than going abroad. You can have access to exceptional deals on hotels, and in some instances, you can even drive to your UK destination provided you have practiced your driving theory test and then successfully received your driver’s licence. Either way, transport is not as big an investment when you spend your holiday close to home.


By staying in the UK, you will avoid long lines at the airport that include extensive checks, visa and passport controls. In comparison, taking a break in the UK will be a less stressful endeavour.

There is also something to be said about having to sit thirteen hours on a plane so you can travel to another part of the world. Instead, you can simply get in your car, on a train or on a coach and be almost anywhere in the UK within a few hours. There is also the option of taking a domestic flight in the UK.

Learn More About Your Country

No doubt there are places in the UK that you have not visited. The UK is rich in culture and history and each county has its own special attractions and particularities.

If you have been looking for the chance to learn more about the United Kingdom, a holiday is the best opportunity for you to do so. Contact a reputable travel agent and get some recommendations for an all-inclusive holiday that would be of interest to you. See what is available and make your decision.

The Best Tourist Industry

The best reason for taking a break in the UK is that the tourism industry in the UK is one of the best worldwide. There are many wonderful hotels, as well as creative and unique breaks for you to enjoy. You can choose between a bed and breakfast inn, a luxury hotel or even a tree house hotel.

Less hassle with transportation, less stress and convenience: these are some of the many reasons more Brits are choosing to stay domestic for their holidays.

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