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The Top Foods That Visitors to Australia Will Absolutely Love Trying

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There are many fabulous reasons for visiting Australia but did you know that the cuisine is one one of them?

In the past, this country perhaps didn’t have a stellar reputation in terms of its food. However, these days there are plenty of tasty treats waiting for you Down Under.

The Classic Treats

There are some classic foods that are commonly associated with Australia that you definitely have to try at some point. You simply can’t travel to this country and not try things like vegemite, meat pies and chiko rolls.

You might love this stuff, dis-like it or be indifferent about it. However, you will love the fact that you are trying something that is such a big and recognisable part of Australian culture.

British immigrants who choose to start a new life here with the help of The Emigration Group may find that they iconic dishes soon become a big part of their lives. You will also want to learn about the slang words, such as calling sausages “snags”.

Bush Tucker

The recent revival in bushfood makes this a definite option for those brave visitors who want a truly authentic experience. Bush tucker is the term used for any food that is made out of ingredients native to Australia.

In the past, this could mean something like cooking some kangaroo or crocodile meat and native plants over an open fire. These days, you can easily find many indigenous ingredients in the supermarket or in a number of good quality restaurants.

Kangaroo meat is especially widespread, although not everyone is happy about eating one of the country’s most beloved animals. An even more adventurous choice of bush tucker comes in the form of the famous witchetty grubs.

A Barbecue

Just about everyone knows about the Aussie love for outdoor barbecues. The country’s fantastic climate means that this is a hugely popular way of spending time out of doors and eating delicious food with a group of friends.

Your first barbie here is likely to see you get offered marinated and barbecued meat, sausages and prawns, among other treats. Many public spaces have barbecues that you can head out to use if you don’t have somewhere at home to do it.

If you plan on living here then a friendly barbecue is the ideal way to meet new friends, get to know work colleagues and start to get a feel for the unique culture of this country. If you are just visiting then you should grab any chance you get to join a barbie.

Modern Australian Restaurants

Australia’s location and ethnic mix means that it is in the ideal spot for new food trends to be created. In recent years this had led to the famed Modern Australian movement.

This is a wonderful mixture of foods that has led to unique recipes that will have your mouth watering when you see them. You can either try out some of these dishes at home or else head to one of the classy restaurants offering this style of cooking.

Either way, this unique fusion of food is sure to leave you raving about the food Down Under.

Fish and Other Types of Seafood

Did you realise that Australia has the 3rd biggest fishing zone on the planet? The country’s huge coastline means that there is easy access to lots of tasty fish and other types of seafood.

This is reflected in the national cuisine, with tuna, salmon, lobster and prawn among the best items to look out for. In fact, fishing is such a big industry that anyone looking for Australian visas for UK Citizens might consider a move into this or a related industry.

If you want a throw-back to Britain then you will find that traditional fish and chips is still relatively easy to get hold of here. Eating it next to the beach under a glorious sun might seem a bit weird at first but this is the kind of good life that anyone can get used to easily enough.

Don’t Forget the Drinks

What will you wash down all that terrific food with, though? If you enjoy the odd glass of wine then you probably already know that Australia produces some of the finest wines in the world right now.

The warm temperatures mean that a cold beer is also something that goes down a treat here. Australia also has a fantastic coffee culture that caffeine addicts will love.

No matter what you like to eat and drink, you will find something to enjoy once you get Down Under.

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