Travellers, take note: Hong Kong is the world’s top city for international visits

Hong Kong is set to retain its status as the city most visited by international travellers this year in spite of strained relations with mainland China. In a report published on Tuesday, market research firm Euromonitor International said it estimates 25.7 million arrivals in Hong Kong this year, down 3.2% on 2016.

The Thai capital Bangkok retains second place, but its popularity has grown faster than Hong Kong’s, with arrivals up 9.5% at 21.3 million.

London is Europe’s top city, in third place with 19.8 million arrivals, but the report suggests it is set to be overtaken in the coming seven years as Asian cities soar in popularity.

The Asia Pacific region, according to author Wouter Geerts, Euromonitor’s senior travel analyst, remains the “standout region”.




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