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West Virginia University suspends entire fraternity group after member’s ‘sexist’ MTV audition

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An entire student fraternity group has been suspended at a US university after a male member uploaded an MTV audition video online, allegedly filled with offensive comments towards women.

West Virginia University (WVU) confirmed in a statement on its website that the student in question also faces “possible disciplinary action” by its Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Office of Student Conduct for referring to women as “b***hes” while boasting about his sex life.

Auditioning for MTV’s reality show The Real World – in which a small group of young people are chosen to live together in a new American city each series while being filmed 24 hours a day – the student can be seen talking the camera through his halls of residence of the Delta Tau Delta chapter.

The original clip from the fraternity member’s YouTube account has since reportedly been deleted. However, a copy is still circulating on the video site from user Truestory.

In the 26-second clip, the student begins by saying: “All the people on the audition tapes I watch are always like, ‘That’s where the magic happens’. I don’t buy that. That’s bulls***.”

He continues: “The magic happens everywhere; behind the dumpster, outside, in a bathroom, in my car – sometimes in my room, you never know. It happens everywhere.”


Then, walking into his bedroom, he can be heard saying: “This is my room. I’m sorry, guys – it’s a little messy. I’m going to be honest with you: my b***hes haven’t come to clean it up yet. But, you know, after spring break, they’ll be there and it’ll be real tidy.”

In the university’s statement on the incident, Roy Baker, associate dean of students, said it was “unfortunate” that the actions of one individual “sully the reputation of an entire organisation.”

He also said the attitudes and behaviour shown in the video are“inconsistent” with, not only the fraternity community, but also the university in particular.

The IFC Executive Council also issued a statement saying the incident will be reviewed with the fraternity group’s leaders, after which it “will impose appropriate sanctions” in response to violations of its conduct code that are “clearly identified” throughout the video.

The IFC said the clip saw the student make “inappropriate comments toward women” while “describing social functions that violate the conduct code of the IFC.” As well as this, the IFC said he referenced activities that “violated and are contradicting to the values of the national fraternity.”

The council continued: “[We are] saddened that any member of the fraternity or sorority community would represent their organisation, and the university, in this highly inappropriate manner.

“This video simply does not represent the values that all fraternity men and sorority women agree to uphold when they accept membership in one of our organisations.”

MailOnline reports that the student reached out to tell the site he wanted to apologise to any women he offended with the video, adding how he “exaggerated his personality” in order to please casting directors.

He said: “’I did not expect such uproar because I genuinely thought this was all in good fun.”

According to local news site MetroNews, two other fraternity groups at the university have since been suspended for allegedly violating policies.


[Source:- Independent]
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