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2019 BMW X4 spotted during testing

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2019 BMW X4 spotted during testing

2019 BMW X4 spotted during testing

BMW looks set to update its X4 crossover and ahead of the major update this mid-level model has been spotted doing the rounds in Europe. There aren’t expected to be many changes to the looks but it will be underpinned by a new platform that it will share with the next generation X3.

Our images indicate a swirly camouflage but not over bits like the kidney grille, head lamps and lights. This pattern likely indicates that there will be some changes to the bumpers and probably the doors but this being a BMW, it is not likely that the car’s appearance will be altered much.

Now is where things get a bit more technical. The current X4 while done in a new body shape is actually an X3 underneath. So what we are looking at is essentially a seven year old underpinning which in car terms is quite a lot. Now BMW has announced that there will be a new X3 this year and so logically a new X4 will follow in 2018. Both vehicles will make use of the Bavarian automaker’s CLAR (cluster architecture) platform which is lighter than the current one and will also build bigger vehicles but without the weight gain. Given that the X4 is just three years old this jump to a new platform will mean an all-new car rather than a mid-life cycle change.

This new X4 will share its drivetrain options with the new X3 and so will get a range of four and six-cylinder diesel and petrol engines in the standard models. Then of course there will definitely be a range of hybrids along with one range topping M spec model which will get an inline-six but in a much higher state of tune than the standard engine.
When the X4 came out, we were still a nascent market for SUVs let alone crossovers. However, much has changed in the last three years. It now looks like the Indian car buyer is ready for such a vehicle where it is likely to be positioned above the X3.

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