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How To Decide Which Is The Right MBA For You?

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An MBA is a 2-year semester-based course. During the first year, you concentrate on the subjects and topics that concern business management and administration in general. At the end of your first year, you will get to choose a subject for specialisation based on your preferences and your career goals.

In this article we‘ll throw some light on the things you should consider while choosing a specialisation when it comes to online learning systems.

Trend Is Not Important

Distance MBA in finance and online MBA in marketing are among the most preferred specialisation choices, as most people think that retail companies are making it big in India or being an investment banker is like a dream come true! Your choice of specialisation should depend on what interests you and not what the trend is. If you’re from a background of humanities, applying for an MBA in information technology just because IT jobs are in demand is not really a great idea.

Career Goals

The work scenario is changing fast and these days people are ready to take more risks and try out new things, and the same holds true with career choices. Many professionals are setting up their own entrepreneurial ventures after acquiring an MBA degree. A strong idea of the business world can serve as an indicator of the core skills that an entrepreneur needs to acquire, and so does the specialisation. Make a choice based on your future career plans.


You have certain specific character traits that are unique to you. Understanding your true strengths and weaknesses is important while making career choices. MBA in systems requires good knowledge about computers, marketing requires great communication skills, and IT requires analytical skills. Find out what your forte is, before making a choice.

MBA Specialisations – The Choices You Have

  • Marketing: You can move into pure marketing after couple of years of experience in sales. It requires interaction with different types of people and is suitable for outgoing and outspoken person.
  • Finance: Top notch analytic skills are required to shine with an MBA in finance. Your work will involve conducting researches in economic environment and doing statistical analysis.
  • Operation Management: Inventory and production management of a manufacturing company is what you need to deal with.
  • Human Resource: You will be responsible for the recruitment of the employees and their management.

Research well into the area of your choice so that you make a well-informed decision.

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