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Top Misconceptions about Engineering Careers Debunked – Do not play with your career

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Many people fail to make their engineering career successful and by the time they realize what went wrong, it becomes too late to accelerate. No doubt they work hard, develop skills, make strong academic records, and practice in laboratories for their career. In spite of all these things, they do not get the desired success. The reason behind this, is the misconceptions that they bear in the mind during exam time, in result they miss out on the basic but important things. Here are the top misconceptions which the make engineering careers debunked.

  • Reliability on college placements-

Many students fail because they rely on campus placements for their career.  There are thousand students who graduate every year, but industries do not require thousands. Very few people get a placement from college, so never rely on college placements. Make your training, and study in such a way that in case you are not hired from the college campus, you are competitive enough to walk-in and pursue your career.

  • Being a subjective expert-

It is never bad to be an expert on one particular subject but, limiting yourself to this particular subject will not help in long run. In the industry, the requirements change on time to time as the technology always intends to develop more and make things automotive.  Be an expert, but do not refrain yourself from learning new skills and bring more proficiency in your professional life.

  • Depending on your talent-

Many students rely on their talent to have a successful career, and do not look for other’s help. They rely on it and in result they fail to learn things from other students and professors which could help them in the long run. It is good to have your personal talent but dependency on this does not leave you in good position.  Always try your best to learn as many things as you can during your engineering course.

  • Study to pass the exam-

Engineering is all about to make you perfect in your chosen field. During their college, students generally study to clear exams and to get good grades, however they do not focus on the industry level requirements of that particular subject.  It is also recommended to focus on the learning and not just get good marks. It helps when you have good merit in place, but it helps more when you have good knowledge.

  • Focus on practical study-

Most of the students focus on the lab and practical studies, thinking that this is what an industry requires. Each company has their own different work tools and nature of work differs from company to company. You do not need to know everything, only a basic knowledge is sufficient. When hiring from college or from walk-in, they only check your theoretical knowledge, because as per their understanding if you are theoretically strong, you can be trained to learn the work.  You should strive to learn practical knowledge, but your theoretical part should be strong.

Few points to keep in mind during your study-

  • Before taking any decision, look for advices from your seniors or professors.
  • Choose the training program which is more relevant to the area of your study and more importantly, the area of your interest.
  • Start making up your mind for interviews in the final year, do not wait for the results or placements to happen.
  • Choose your project carefully, as this will be the hot topic for your interview

Internet- Your best companion

There are many websites and online forums which provide knowledge of recent engineering industry requirements. They also help to keep you updated with the new technologies coming in. Always be connected to such websites and keep checking the relevant openings and updates on syllabus. This is how; Internet becomes your best companion for both work and study of JEE advanced syllabus.

Applying for multiple openings

This is always good to have multiple choices. As Internet helps you to find the best industry needs, your study level should be done accordingly. You can apply for multiple openings and work on the skills that.

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