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How to save money on travel (including bucket list destinations)

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Image: A man walks with camels in the southern Sahara desert in Morocco on March 16, 2014.

Whether it’s written down in the back of your agenda, in a note on your phone or filed away in a mental cabinet to be called on by daydreams when work and life get too hectic, we all have a bucket list of places we’d love to go.

Unfortunately for many of us, that’s exactly where these destinations stay — on a list that never gets checked off. Pricey flights and hotels make jet-setting to far off, exotic locales difficult. But if you know how to go about booking them, you can snag awesome deals and shave the price tag way down, taking them from a dream to a reality. All it takes is patience and a few insider tricks.

Case in point: Last year I was finally able to check Morocco off my list — and I did it for a third of the price. Here are the strategies I used to save money, plus some insider knowledge from other travel bloggers and experts who are checking destinations off their own bucket lists.


Going to Morocco was on my travel wish list for about two years, but the cheapest flights that I could find averaged $1500. Not exactly budget friendly.

So I put a fare alert on the destination and waited (…and waited) for the price to drop. For nearly 20 months, it never did. Then at the end of October 2018, a flight from Atlanta to Marrakech on Delta Air Lines popped into my email. I thought it was too good to be true: It was $520 round trip. It had to be a mistake — and it was. I found a flight “glitch” and it lasted for about three days. So I pounced on it, booked my ticket and was set to finally visit Morocco in December.

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