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How to Spend the Holidays with Tech Friends

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t rolls around every single year like clockwork, and yet there’s no chance you ever get tired of the Holidays and Christmas season. Everyone’s off from school and college, and a lot of us are off from work in the week leading up to the 25th.
Some get together with family; others with close friends; there are different things to do with each – but all of the festivities should be fun and endearing. Those ballers in warm weather climates might invested in an easily removable boat cover for just this special occasion to have a great aquatic day with friends and family. But if you, your family and your friends are techies; or, a bunch of your tech-oriented friends get together, the following ideas are things to do through Christmas Eve and the big day, itself.

1. Fire up the Gaming Computer or Playstation

After all, you’re on holiday, and you should be able to take a mini-vacation in-house. If you’re not the going-out type, what better way to pass the merry evening away than playing a mission with some online and real-life friends? Set up the day way in advance, and have your techie friends bring their laptops if necessary.


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2. Movie Night after the Festivities

Grab some of the movies you’ve wanted to see all year and watch them with your family and close friends. Although this is hardly an exclusively-techie way to spend the holidays, tech people tend to know more about devices such as Chomecast, Amazon Fire TV and others. With everyone settled in for a long night of entertainment, crack open some sparkling white wine – trust us; it makes everything even more fun. Act as the “DJ” and run an HDMI cable from your laptop to the big screen, after your playlist of movies for the night has been approved.

3. Donate Some of Your Many T-shirts

Nothing spreads holiday cheer quite like the spirit of giving. Chances are, you’ve seen the large donation bins in department store parking lots and other strategic places, with a sign on them asking for clothing. If you and your friends/family are very much into donating items to the less fortunate, then it makes a worthy holiday trip – or several – to lighten the load of unused clothing in your home. The US government says more than 85% of the clothes you opt to throw away will end up in landfills anyway – so better to help keep someone warm.

4. Out and About

Traditionally, you might think of the holidays as a time to spend most of your time indoors. Although there’s certainly nothing wrong with that; you’ll miss out on some really fantastic set-ups in your city. Depending on where you live, there are gatherings outside, arts and crafts, light-shows and more. It can be a bonding experience to drive around with friends for awhile, before heading home to engage in any of the above.


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5. Have an Outdoor Party in Your Backyard

This may not be feasible in the colder regions, unless you’ve got those large heaters posted outside like some restaurants and bars do in the evening. It’s more spacious than inside your house, and gives you techies a chance to unplug for a little while. If you’ve never done this before, it can represent a much-needed change of scenery.
The beauty of the holidays is that you finally, for perhaps only the second time this year – summer is usually the first – get to relax with family and friends without thinking about work the next day or week. Make sure to take advantage of the celebratory atmosphere, to forge memories that last.

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