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The Real Estate Market in British Columbia

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The exotic mountains, the vibrant cities, the diverse culture and the opportunities for innumerable activities like golf courses, ski resorts etc. make British Columbia in Canada quite famous and hence the real estate business there has always been profitable. However, owing to the not-so-long-ago economic downswing, the real estate market in British Columbia had simmered down for a brief period. But after the temporary cool off this exotic province of Canada has been quickly up for a smooth recovery and since 2010 the market has been promising for property sales. Indeed what has been crucial in improving the British Columbia real estate market is the confidence in consumers reflected in increased demand among them encouraged by low interest rates in mortgage.

Along with the retirees, the developers of real estate also attract a work force that is relatively young. What the real estate developers seem to be specifically responding to is the demand for a private scenic sanctuary among consumers where they can still access the cultural diversity and hence places like the city of Vancouver is often quoted to be a celebrated preference. While according to a report by Canadian Real Estate Association, Vancouver was quick to become the real estate favorite, Vancouver and Victoria have been setting new records.

Whether you want to purchase a residential house or invest in real estate, the informed and experienced investors will find British Columbia to be their paradise. The recognition offered to the opportunities available in the place has been expected to result in the increase in price of both residential and real estate properties, also enhancing the overall home sales due to low mortgage rates. This has in turn boosted the market conditions for interior housing.

Home sales in the Canadian province have been on the rise, more prominently since 2010. The Victorian city and the Fraser Valley have been reported to give record sales which have taken the overall home sales to the record levels almost. Though the British Columbia Real Estate Association had released reports in December 2009 that indicate an extraordinary increase in the residential sales of Multiple Listing Service (R) in the last month of November, there was an expectation of the residential sales demand to level off in the year 2010 due to the exhaustion of demands which in turn again caused a rise in the prices of home.

However, dealing with these speculations has always been an integral part of looking for lucrative investment opportunities in beautiful locations which are in high demand. The suggestion by experts is that with the low interest rates on mortgages available in the market, it could be a great time to stay open for possibilities and keep looking for a profitable deal as you may come across an investment opportunity in the province that is just perfect for you. Though finding an investment property here seems like an affair which has more to do with luck than opportunity, any moment might be the opportune time when you find that lucrative deal and end up owning a beautiful house in an exotic locale.

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