Home News Modern Bathroom Vanities or Contemporary Bathroom Vanities – Remodelling your bathroom for the future

Modern Bathroom Vanities or Contemporary Bathroom Vanities – Remodelling your bathroom for the future

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If you have not really been concerned with remodelling your bathroom for over a couple of years, you’d be taken by surprise by the modern bathroom vanities available for you to make a choice from. They are nowhere close to the same boring vanities and your contemporary bathroom vanities may infact look like well built furniture with overlays and detailing matching that of an antique chest. The bathroom sinks can be beautifully detailed glass bowls to add that perfectly modern look. Some modern vanities have neat features and can be made to look sleek and modern by merely using a nice gloss laminate. Try to do away with the hardware on the cabinets and replace with touch latch to add to the sleek look. You can avoid the toe kick and make them look like floating bathroom vanities or perhaps use under vanity cabinet lighting to give a uniquely special effect.

Things that you must consider while choosing a modern bathroom vanity.

No matter how badly you want that modern look from the spa you visited, your bathroom must be updates keeping the functioning at the forefront. You do not want a modern looking bathroom which you cannot use as it does function for your needs. It is absolutely essential that you keep bathroom storage in mind. Having a bath linen cabinet in your bathroom is going to make storage easier for you and the space you get in these cabinets is unbelievable. You can add organizers like towel racks and pullout dirty hamper baskets as they can act as great space savers. You must next consider the height of your bathroom vanity. If the bathroom is to be used by children, try not to exceed 30 inches whereas if you have no children around to use the bathroom you may as well go as high as 36 inches. Do not make the vanity too low since bending over too much can often get inconvenient during long term use.

Types of Bathroom vanity materials that you can use

The material you use for your vanity is incredibly important. Try to rely on plywood as far as possible for your cabinet boxes. You must keep in mind that the cabinetry would have to be used in proximity of water and if there is a case of leakage, you sure do not want your modern bathroom vanity cabinetry to be in ruins. Melamine or particleboard will warp and expand if they remain wet for a prolonged time. Plywood may not suit your budget too well initially, but with leakage around, you’d rather be glad to have paid more once than having to pay the entire bill again with new fittings. So while modernizing your bathroom involves choosing from a lot of contemporary bathroom vanities, make sure practicality and functionality  are not compromised with. Make it fresh and new with cutting edge design, supporting all function and I bet you’d never go on a vacation again and idealize those resort bathrooms.

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